2 Liter Soda Bottle Rocket

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Welcome to EZ-Launch LLC’s Online Store

At EZ-Launch LLC, we are proud to offer two models of innovative pop bottle rocket launchers that provide the user with complete control of the launch. The rocket launchers utilize a 2-liter plastic pop bottle that is filled with air and/or water. One model has a pressure gauge that measures up to 100 psi of air pressure. Both come with a unique patented release mechanism that allows the user to control both the amount of air pressure added and the time of release. They will last for years and come with a 1-year refund or replacement guarantee. Have a blast by ordering one or more of our 2-liter bottle rockets today!

We also market the EZ-Launch “Bottle Rocket Booster” and “Parachute.” The booster screws onto the pop bottle and sends a bottle up to 500 feet or more into the sky. Bottle Rocket Boosters are to bottle rockets what feathers are to an arrow. Fasten on a Booster, and your bottle rocket may soar completely out of sight.

To order, click on the models below that you are interested in. You can pay for your order either with PayPal, Amazon or with advance approval your personal check. To place an order directly with EZ-Launch LLC, or to receive an answer to a question, E-mail us at blastoff@ez-launch.com, or call us at (208) 425-3410 or (208) 339-3410 (cp).

If you order an EZ-launch bottle rocket booster or parachute when you order a launcher, you will only have to pay for shipping on the launcher. The other two will be free shipping. If you order two or more of the same model of EZ-Launch bottle rocket launchers, you will receive a 10% discount. The discount will be applied to the price during checkout.