Water Bottle Rockets

Discover the Hottest, Fully Assembled Rocket Launcher Available

The EZ-Launch LLC provides the user with the finest assortment of bottle rockets and accessories.  They come fully assembled and include two models, one with a pressure gauge and one without. They are primarily made of injection molded ABS plastic and feature a patented internal spring loaded release mechanism, which allows the user to enter up to 100 psi of air pressure and when ready, release the rocket with a quick jerk on a nylon cord.  They come with a one year free refund or replacement guarantee.

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We are also marketing the EZ-Launch Bottle Rocket Booster fins and Parachute.  The EZ-Launch Bottle Rocket Launcher will send the bottle rocket up to 200 feet into the air but with the Booster fins attached to the 2 liter bottle it may go up to 500 or more feet into the air.  EZ-Launch LLC has had to modifiy the Booster fins so they will be compatible with the EZ-Launch system.  Do not purchase a set of Booster fins from any other source as they will not be compatible with the EZ-Launch rocket launchers.

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To place an order directly with EZ-launch LLC, or to receive an answer to a question, you may e-mail us at blastoff@ez-launch.com or contact us by telephone at 1-208-425-3410 or 1-208-339-3410 (cp).   We accept both credit cards and personal checks.