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The development of the EZ-Launch bottle rocket launchers has been a team effort. The one individual who sparked this development is a retired dentist, Dallas Murdoch DDS, who attended Ricks College, BYU and graduated from the University Of Washington School Of Dentistry in 1964.  After graduation, he practiced in the Grace and Soda Springs, Idaho area for over 40 years.  One Christmas, his wife Joan bought a launcher for their family.  This sparked an interest on his part to learn more about launchers. He saw some that had definite drawbacks.

A common type of 2 liter bottle rocket launcher has tape attached to a launch pipe and the bottle is forced onto the tape. It is then released when sufficient air pressure is inserted into the bottle. With this type of launcher the operator has no control over the release time or the amount of air pressure added. The one she purchased used a U-shaped copper wire to hold the 2 liter pop bottle in place. It took three large nails to secure the launcher to the ground and a strong pull on a cord attached to the copper wire to release the bottle.  He found the copper wire could easily get lost or it had the risk of hitting someone at the time of release. He felt there must be a better way to hold the bottle in place during pressurization and when it was released.

In January of 2005, Dr. Murdoch had a heart attack and was transferred to the Intermountain Health Care Hospital in Salt Lake City.  At first, he was fitted with an LVAD (Left Ventricular Assist Device).  He continued with the LVAD until June 22, 2005 when he received a heart transplant.  He was forced to sell his practice and undergo an extended recuperation period.  This also gave him a period to time to develop the EZ-Launch bottle rocket launcher.


Dave Pristupa

He began looking for a better design. His primary consultant was a friend named David Pristupa. Dave is a brilliant man with a lot of knowledge in a wide variety of areas. Dr. Murdoch would come up with a concept that seemed to have some value and then show his idea to Dave.

Dave could usually expand his idea to the next level. Eventually, between the two of them they came up with the basic concepts used in the internal spring loaded release mechanism. It allows the operator to control the amount of air pressure added and the time of release. Properly used, there is no danger of a premature release of the pop bottle or of losing the release mechanism. It comes with two 9 inch steel stakes that are inserted into the ground and attached to two tabs that are located at the back of the launcher.

His first models were composed of plumbing parts made of PVC plastic.  Initially, he distributed dozens of plastic bottle rocket launchers with his new design to family and friends and found that everyone using it could only offer positive feedback.  In fact, everyone that used the launcher kept encouraging him to go ahead and market the launcher as they felt it had great potential. .  As he analyzed the situation, he realized this would be a natural transition from his dental practice and an opportunity to use his God given talents to bless the lives of his fellow men.


Kevin Heath

Seeing the need to improve the appearance of the launcher in preparation for marketing, he consulted with Kevin Heath, who owns Plastics, Inc. in Idaho Falls, Idaho.  Its major parts are now made of injection molded ABS plastic and meet very precision specifications.  A marketing company was formed, EZ-Launch LLC, and a website was created at “EZ-Launch.com”. Marketing began in February of 2011. Later, a patent on the internal spring loaded release mechanism was applied for and it was received in the spring of 2014. Two models for marketing were developed. One model has a pressure gauge that measures up to 100 psi of air pressure.  Its retail price is $64.95 plus S/H.  Another model comes without a pressure gauge and retails for $49.95. 

Both models are delivered completely assembled except a black launch pipe needs to be screwed into a threaded insert at the bottom of the launch tube. They are sent through USPS by priority mail, arrive at their destination in 2-3 days and come with a one year replacement or refund guarantee.  By ordering two or more of the same type of launcher, you will receive a 10% discount. 

The user has complete control over the amount of air pressure entered and the time of release.  When released, the pop bottle may go several hundred feet into the air.   Both models are suitable for children 5 years of age and older as long as they have proper adult supervision.  It is an excellent source of family fun and is used extensively by 4-H groups, scouts, science classes in both elementary and high school and also many colleges have ordered the launchers.

Jim & Dallas

Jim & Dallas

Marketing plays an important role in making the launchers available to the public.  Dr. Murdoch’s son, Jim, who maintains computer systems for both the Grace and Bancroft school districts and also runs an e-commerce site, www.ezultrasound.com, is an important addition to the EZ-Launch team.  He maintains their computer systems and also assists in the development and maintenance of the “EZ-Launch.com” website.  The goal of EZ-Launch LLC is to make available to the public two liter pop bottle rocket launchers that are superior to any other rocket launchers on the market.  

In addition to the above, they are now marketing the EZ-Launch Bottle Rocket Booster and its accompanying Parachute.  The Booster is to bottle rockets what feathers are to arrows.  It consists of a set of three fins that are attached to a central ring that screws onto the threads of the launch bottle. If you plan to use the booster fins with an EZ-Launcher Bottle Rocket Launcher, you should purchase the fins from and EZ-Launch source since the fins are modified to work on with an EZ-Launch Bottle Rocket Launcher.

An EZ-Launch Bottle Rocket with 100 psi of air pressure may go as high as 200 feet into the air.  With the booster fins attached it may go 500 feet or more into the air.  The Bottle Rocket Booster and Parachute each retail for $14.95. If you order the fins and parachute with a Bottle Rocket Launcher, there is no extra charge for the shipping.