Getting Started


Contents of Box

  1. Plastic Bottle Rocket Launcher
  2. Two stakes
  3. Black launch pipe
  4. Nylon cord used to release bottle
  5. Directions
  6. Three extra O-rings


Prepare EZ-Launch for Blast-off:

Please examine contents of your box to make sure all of the above items are present.  Next, read the direction sheet so you know correctly how to proceed. First, take the black launch pipe with threads covered with teflon tape and screw it tightly into the threaded insert located at the bottom of the launch tube. You may want to use a pair of pliers to tighten it further. Next, find a location that is open and free of trees or overhead wires.  Insert the stake's metal extensions into the holes located in the two tabs at the back of the base. Push the stakes all the way into the ground, using a hammer if necessary. When the launch site is properly prepared, insert a 1 or 2 liter pop bottle onto the black launch pipe.   Make sure it easily slides up and down the launch pipe as some 2 liter bottles are too tight for proper launching. Prior to insertion, you may fill the bottle up to 1/3 full of water. The water gives extra thrust to the bottle rocket when it is released and provides additional excitement for the participants.  You can minimize any water loss during the time of insertion by tilting the launcher 45° or more. During insertion, you should pull on the nylon cord attached to the release tab to open the release mechanism. Then push the bottle down, past the o-ring, as far down as it will go, twisting as you do so.  Then release the cord.  This allows the spring loaded release mechanism to lock the bottle onto the launch pipe.  Then, lift up on the bottle to make sure it is properly locked in place. Now, enter air into the bottle using a bicycle pump or an air compressor.  The launch bottle may be filled with up to 100 psi of air pressure by using an air compressor.  With a bicycle pump, with some effort you can add up to 30-40 psi.  You should now pressurize the bottle with whatever device is available.  If an air leak is detected during pressurization, tighten the black launch pipe further with a set of pliers. The cord should be lined up with the release mechanism and straight out from the launcher.   All persons present should stand at least ten feet away from the EZ-launcher before lift-off .  Before launching, place some duct tape on the bottle or use a colored bottle.  This will help make it more visible.   Be sure to locate in an open area when launching so you can see where it lands. It also helps to cut 5-6 inches off of the top of another bottle and slip it onto the bottom of the launch bottle.  Be sure to keep the bottles cap on. This creates a more streamlined effect on the bottle when it is released.

EZ-Launch Ready to Go

When all is ready, the designated launcher should give a quick jerk on the cord.  This releases the pop bottle and sends it up to two hundred feet into the air.  Do not just pull on the cord as a quick jerk is much more effective. When the pop bottle is released from the launcher, it ascends very rapidly so participants should carefully watch where it goes and where it lands so it doesn't become lost.  This is particularly true when you are launching the bottle rocket with the EZ-Launch booster fins attached. We are now marketing the EZ-Launch Bottle Rocket Booster and Parachute.  They retail for $14.95 each. The Boosters are to bottle rockets what feathers are to an arrow.  The booster fins, as supplied by their manufacturer, "Relationshipware LLC", are not compatible with the EZ-Launch bottle rocket launchers.  We suggest that if you want booster fins that you order them from our website at "".   The booster fins we sell on our website have been modified to be compatible with the EZ-Launch series. Properly fitted with the booster fins, the bottle rocket may go over 500 feet into the air, so high that it may become lost from view. Also, the wind may catch it and cause it to drift some distance away from the launch site.  If you would like a slower descent of the bottle, order one of our EZ-Launch Parachutes and attach it to the bottle.  The above view shows a 2 Liter Pop Bottle locked in the EZ-Launch Bottle Rocket Launcher ready for launching.   The nylon cord extends out 10 feet from the bottle launcher.   Be safe in your launching and have a lot of fun.